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Discover what makes a vacation in Whistler so remarkable. #OnlyInWhistler


This summer, feel it all

Book a getaway that lets you slow down, consider your impact, explore the lesser known, and make connections with people that value what you do. Whistler is all that, plus all of the thrill and good vibes you want out of a summer vacation. Enjoy the ease, exhilaration, and energy of your favourite backyard destination that connects your sense of adventure to your sense of purpose. This summer, feel it all.

Pedal Through Paradise in Whistler

Biking season is endless in Whistler – perfectly tacky trails emerge in early spring and continue right through until the snow flies in late fall. Pedal through paradise and experience the extensive network of cross-country trails and the No. 1 mountain bike park in the world.

Golf Whistler

Whistler is Canada’s premier golf destination offering four world-class golf courses that allow you to challenge yourself while enjoying the majestic mountain views close to the vibrant Whistler Village.


Welcome to Winter in Whistler - Your Purpose Has Found Its Place

We believe life is for living. It's for broadening perspectives, embracing challenges, seeking connections, pushing envelopes, creating change and protecting what matters. And when you find a place that inspires you, that pushes you to do all of these things, then you've found a place for what you value most. A place where passions run wild. Where youth finds its fountain. And where caring deeply comes naturally. Whistler. Thrill runs deep.

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