Whistler Social Media Influencers

Calling Social Media Influencers with Hopes of Visiting Whistler…

How to Request a Visit

We’re interested in what you do! Please read this information carefully to understand what we’re looking for in social media influencers, and also as a guideline for what we can provide if your application is successful.

It’s important to note that we evaluate hosting social media influencers based a number of factors, and due to a high volume of requests, we aren’t able to support everyone. Use the basic guidelines below to see if your account would be a good fit for us to work with us.

Your Followers & Engagement

Below are our minimum requirements for social media influencers. Take a look and see if your accounts fit.

  • Preferred Channels – Instagram, YouTube, Blog
  • Minimum of 15,000 Instagram followers
  • Engagement Rate (likes & comments of a post / followers): 10k-100k followers 2.4%, 100k-1m 2%, 1m-10m 1.7%

Blackout Periods

Throughout the year, the resort experiences various blackout periods. Specific dates are listed below however additional dates may be added due to business levels. Within the blackout periods we are not be able to provide assistance with accommodation and various activities out of respect for our members and visitors.

That said, there may be flexibility with certain key opportunities – so don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss on a case by case basis. Current blackout periods are:

  • Weekends in peak periods
  • Festive Season: mid-December – early-January
  • Martin Luther King ‘Week’ (late January)
  • Family Day/President’s Week (February)
  • Easter Week

Need Periods

We encourage visits and coverage in shoulder seasons (Spring and Fall) and mid-week.

How Our Influencer Program Works

@GoWhistler may provide support to regional, national and international influencers with confirmed assignments. A minimum of three weeks advance notice is required for a visit, along with the fully completed Request Form, available below. Each submission is evaluated on a case by case basis and due to the high volume of requests received we are not able to fulfil all requests.

Visiting influencers are responsible for advising us of any changes to their travel plans immediately and may be subject to certain conditions, charges, resort fees and/or their own travel insurance requirements.

Upon request approval, specific tagging requirements will be provided for your trip. The amount of tagged posts will depend on the number of your follower and engagement, length of stay and activities you are provided with.

Types of Experiences We Offer Influencers

Due to varying factors in the resort, we may not be able to extend all experiences to each visitor.

  • Accommodation (up to 2 nights maximum)
  • A hosted meal
  • 1 to 2 activities (for example - Ziplining, ski/snowboard, PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola sightseeing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing)

Now - Let’s Get to the Fun Stuff!

Please provide the following information so we can review your submission.

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Average Post Impressions:
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Social Media Demographics:
Let's Talk Trip Details
Total Number in Party:
Dates Requested:
Describe the intended purpose of your visit:
Content you are able to provide:
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What assistance are you looking for?
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Why Whistler?
Have you been to Whistler?
What intrigues you about Whistler? What are you most excited to do & see while in Whistler?
*Please note that we are not able to fulfill all requests