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Thank you for your interest in Whistler! Please provide us with the following information about your channels, intended content and needs while in Whistler.

A minimum of four weeks advance notice is required along with this completed form.

Throughout the year, Tourism Whistler implements media hosting blackout periods due to high-occupancy throughout the Resort. We are unable to provide assistance during the following periods, as well as potential additional date restrictions due to Resort-wide conferences, large festivals and events, and public holidays.

  • Weekends in peak periods
  • Festive Season: mid-December – early-January
  • Martin Luther King ‘Week’ (late January)
  • Family Day/President’s Week (February)
  • Easter Week

Your Followers & Engagement

We evaluate influencer visit support and hosting requests case by case, based on a number of factors. Due to a high volume of requests, we regret that we aren’t able to support everyone. Use the basic guidelines below to see if your account would be a good fit to work with us.

  • Preferred Channels – Instagram, YouTube, Blog
  • Followers have an interest in travel and live in Western USA, BC, Ontario, Quebec, UK, Mexico, Germany or Australia
  • Minimum of approximately 20,000 Instagram followers and a high engagement rate (minimum of approximately 2.4%)

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